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The Deferred Sales Trust (DST)

What is it, when would I use it, and why is it better than other options?

Those of us who own businesses, corporations, stocks, collectibles, and commercial or residential real estate assets are often reluctant to sell because of the massive amount of taxes associated with the tax.

The DST is a gain deferral program that allows you to sell the asset now, receive the proceeds into a trust, invest 100% of the proceeds (before you pay any taxes!), and take distributions as a later date (which you control, can change, and can plan for the “later” tax consequences).

The major benefits of the DST vs other methods of gain on sale deferral (like a 1031) include:

  • Great control of the assets/proceeds once the sale is complete
  • Investment options into almost anything (sell real estate and open a new business; sell a business and buy collectibles; almost anything!)
  • You control when you pay the tax (3 years, 5 years, 10 years, 30 years, the next generations(s),….)

There are many more ways that the DST can be a great fit for your sale. As each case is different, we suggest that you work with one of our professional team members to discuss your case and ensure that the DST is the right fit for your needs.

Typical tax preparers and accountants help you record your financial past.
As Certified Tax Strategists, we help you change your financial future.

What most taxpayers don’t realize is that their CPA or accountant is a compliance accountant: They take the information you give them and put it in the right boxes on the right forms. As a CTC-Certified Strategic Tax Coach and CPA, we’ve received specialized training in the areas of the tax code that can be leveraged to your advantage to lower your taxes and save you money. We analyze your financial picture including past tax returns, business activities, and investment goals to pinpoint which portions of the 67,204 pages of the IRS tax code can be used to your advantage. Then we design a detailed plan you can use to implement these savings.

Certified Tax Coach

Coaching and PROACTIVE strategies to build your future
Confidence knowing you are paying the least amount of tax possible
A customized strategy created just for you
Personalized solutions for your own situation that reduce tax
Ongoing Support
A team of advisers to give direction and accountability through goal setting

Other Tax Professionals

Reactive, “after the fact” planning
Outdated information and outdated planning
Tax surprises with a feeling of no control
Same old solutions
Overpaying Tax
Tax as usual
Limited contact with you except at tax time

Tax Goddess Business Services

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