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The Tax GoddessIf you have dealt with other CPA firms, you will find our approach very refreshing – We are not a stuffy accounting firm, yet we understand that managing your accounting and taxes is serious business.

We know that bookkeeping is boring and filing tax returns is a pain… we get it. Accounting is a major pain in the gluteus maximus, and it diverts you from what you should be focusing on.

But it doesn’t bother our collective gluteus – We love this stuff!

We are a bunch of highly-qualified finance professionals with tons of experience and results we can brag about. The Tax Goddess team is comprised of a seasoned CPA, energetic tax savings experts, hardworking bookkeepers, and other finance gurus with awesome personalities at no extra charge! You will find our approach refreshing.

Tax Goddess Business Services is serious about your business. We have earned the extremely rare designation as a “Certified Tax Coach” and we take a very strategic approach to tax planning with a main goal of reducing tax burden on your business.

We have been serving Arizona for over 12 years, and in the past year alone we saved our clients millions of dollars – We can help you save money too! In fact, we guarantee that with our knowledge, education, and training we can put a strategy together to reduce your business taxes and related gluteus maximus pains!

Shauna A. Wekherlien, CPA, Masters in Taxation, and Certified Tax Coach
President & CEO

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